Why Yard Signs

Placing yard signs in central Florida in low speed traffic areas such as stop signs, traffic lights and exits to parking lots will mean that it is more effective because it gives potential customers more time to read your sign and get the necessary information they want (e.g. telephone number).  For example in the Orlando area Semoran Blvd and Curry Ford Road, West Colonial and John Young Parkway are good intersections.  These signs are also referred to as lawn signs, plastic signs, bandit signs, road signs and coro signs.

Since the early 1990 signs made of corrugated plastic have become a very important part of political campaigns.  They help candidates build voter recognition in the counties they are running and just here in central Florida you have Osceola, Orange, Sumter, Volusia, Brevard, Flagler, Seminole, Hillsborough, Polk and Lake Counties.

Yard signs are an important part of advertising your business, whether it is real estate, investment, political campaigns, we buy junk cars, services such as lawn care, plumbing, home remodels/improvements or upcoming events.

Real Estate and Management companies use these signs for directing potential buyers or renters to properties that are within the area that they are looking for.

The benefits of using this type of advertising is that it is inexpensive but, very effective.  You also have complete control over how you use it.  You can decide where and when you want to use it,  so if your business is located on one side of town but, you want to expand into another area, you advertise in that part  of town.